Judging Others in The Digital Age 

The Digital Age makes it nigh impossible to stroll into someone's house and judge the hell outta them. Book cases tell SO much.
--Oh no she is NOT reading that.
--Hmmm, I WAS gonna sleep with him, but Stephen King???

Goyte's lyric, "No you didn't have to stoop so low
Have your friends collect your records and then change your number"
  Makes me think of how the Digital Age is changing common place revenge or cattiness. How you gonna wreak havoc with FILES?? HEY MAN. I NEED MY MP4s back. AND I HATE…Read more

This Blog is Lame 

So, there's another site called Artist Data wherein I can supposedly WRITE and post a blog, and then it will feed over here.
OH NO. If only it were that easy!
It does not seem to want to integrate AT ALL. Ugh. So....I need to look for better solutions.
Probably entails yet another site redesign and migrating to a WordPress solution.



February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011

Not Good News For Songwriters

As a songwriter, I'd like to make a living off of the work I do. I mean, it's not easy living the tortured life, right? Gettin' fired from day jobs, not having insurance, (hey, at least I got public medicine!!!), lyrics constantly beating down your brain....Could YOU keep up!?

So, part of the POTENTIAL income stream for creatives like me is via monies made from "music publishing." Music publishing is a quite complex area of knowledge dealing with Copyright Law (which itself a…

Read more


Ok, so here's my first official blog on the new web site. W00t!

I've been behind the scenes fixing little things like links and bugs in ICON SIZES, hint, hint....

Also, looking for cool places to book gigs for the CD release shows in October. Tomorrow I'm dropping product off at Waterloo Records for their Hear Texas Here program.

Allright; stay safe and keep in touch!


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