1. Aloysius

From the recording Christine's Debut CD

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The impetus for this song came, oddly enough, from a few amazing and brief phone conversations I had in the 1990s with actor Nicolas Cage. It deals with materialism, romance, and an imaginary cat. I finished writing it in Arlington, TX some years later.


J. Christine Cochran
© 2003 Oh Brother Songs, ASCAP

Seems I find it hard to forget you
Seems you float in on the breeze
Seems they still find ways to rob you
Like the tone of their voice as they say “tickets please”

Oh, Aloysius
King of the smorgasbord
Oh and all my fences
Should I want less…
Or desire more?

Seems I still find ways to follow
You and that crazy dance you lead
I wrote down all the reasons that I…
I love you
But the pen dropped when I got to 83

Oh, Aloysius
King of the final frontier
And all my wishes
What are the things…
That I should hold dear?

I took those flowers that you gave me
And put em in a pretty vase
Don’t you know that your words…
They always save me
They keep me in a state of grace

Oh, Aloysius
King of the smorgasbord

Ooh, Aloysius, king of the final frontier
Ooh, all my kisses
What are the things
Show me the things
What are the things
I should hold dear?
We should hold near?