1. Burbank

From the recording Christine's Debut CD

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Burbank reacquaints you with landmarks specific to Venice Beach and/or Santa Monica, CA. The Boardwalk, The Pier, the old men playing chess; all make an appearance! I lived in Venice Beach in the 90s with some friends and worked at a beach-front cafe many days a week; however, the song actually began its life while I attended MTSU and lived in Murfreesboro, TN. I'm like that. Write a song about a place when I live in another place!


J. Christine Cochran
© 1995 Oh Brother Songs, ASCAP

Well the rent’s no cheaper in Burbank
I think somebody lied
And they keep saying L.A. is over with
It’s like someone had died

But the rich and fortunate
Like - plastic surgeons
They all seem to thrive
I’m just skating on the boardwalk today
Thinking hey, how strange I’m alive

There’s a lady getting arrested
She’s walking topless on the beach
There’s an old blind man
With his banjo in hand
Tip jar is well within reach

But the lost and restless
They get nervous
When the cops pass by
I watch the old men play chess
Hey, hey—we all get by

But the lost and restless
They get nervous
When the cops pass by
I’m just here on the pier today
Thinkin’ hey, I’d like to do more
More than survive

There’s a part of me gone missing
It left so long ago
Some town I’d lived in
Some childhood nightmare
Where it went ain’t nobody knows

But the voices of angels
They will lift me
When it’s my time to fly
I’m just here in the California sun
Thinking hey, hey—I guess I’ll try