From the recording Christine's Debut CD

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Quite auto-biographical, this song is an homage, of sorts, to Dwight Yoakum (and his great song); life in general, and, the great scheme of things. Among other misery-making things, I was making about $8.25 an hour at a retail job, my apartment lease was almost up, and my aunt died. Plus, an old lover came back into the, this song weaves all of that together. The narrator looks back and tries to be thankful for all things present and past.


J. Christine Cochran
© 2003 Oh Brother Songs, ASCAP

I been drinking scotch
It don’t take me much
Old man sang Dwight Yoakum’s song
A couple nights ago

It’s been rainin’ all through Labor Day
I just found out my aunt
She died today
When my lease is up
I’ve no idea where I’ll go

Guitars and Cadillacs
Pink hotels and heart attacks
All those summer times in Galveston
Like a black and white, grainy…a Documentary
Old poster of Paris France
I know I’m lucky cos I got to dance
Few signs of evolution
Never mind the pollution
In this Opportunity

Well, I been confused about you babe
Compared to me
See, I thought you had it made
But I see your situation —
That look on your face
Shows a different thing

It’s been runnin’ through my mind today
All the years that we sleep away
And when I grasp for answers
I see the past just turn, and wave, and walk away

Guitars and Cadillacs
Hearing’ that song makes me want you back
Roller-skating in Central Park
Like Houston after dark, a drunken, a Documentary
Old lawn chairs rust and fade so slow
I know I’m lucky cos I got to go

We’re seeking absolution
It’s part of the solution
In this Opportunity
No sign of intermission
But God I want permission
In this Opportunity, ya

Ya, ya
I still get blown away
My life’s in shades of gray
Ya, ya, ya
Like some Documentary