1. Amazed - Astounded

From the album Christine's Debut CD

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This song was ¼ written for a long time. I had one version that I finished but then surprisingly, I found carnival-themed lyrics that I had written in London 16 years before …they fit perfectly meter-wise! With a relationship set in the midst of a carnival metaphor, the narrator lets go of past, or do they


J. Christine Cochran
© 2004 Oh Brother Songs, ASCAP

Baby I’ve been amazed
I’ve been astounded
I’ve been flying high on love
But now, I feel more grounded
Baby I’ve been confused
Frightened by the ghost of you
Twice too many times I’ve tried
But now, I see that was unwise

We went to the carnival
We went as a pair
Someone called your name in the tunnel of love
I turned around and no one was there
And when we danced on the promenade
I tried to hold your hand
Someone walked by — you mumbled something
I never did understand

Time is never ending
Time is never free
It’s time I stopped pretending
That the ghost of you
Is dancing with the ghost in me

Baby I’ve been around
Ya I’ve danced all over this town
In the arcade I made some dreams
Polaroids of us by the sea
Baby I was unwise
I made the music to my own lies
A parade of charades it seems
Dance with the truth- the truth will you free

There is just one answer
Answer is for free
Answer run to river
River run to sea

There is just one answer
Answer is for free
Answer run to river
River run to sea
Oh I wish you ran to me

© 2011, 2013 Christine Cochran. All Songs (except where otherwise noted) © Oh Brother Songs, ASCAP. All rights reserved.