1. You Run Deep

From the recording Christine's Debut CD

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This song has the TITLE LYRIC in it! "And I was just looking....for someone I'll Never Meet."

I was enjoying myself in New York's Central Park one weekend in Sheep’s Meadow. I wondered what life would be like if I had someone (in this case, a particular person from the past) who loved me and who was always there for me. Then, I thought about the myth of finding the "perfect person." Like, we may be so concerned about finding perfection that we overlook a good person with flaws.

If you've already met this perfect person, then the term could mean someone you literally will never meet....like some celebrity or head of state.
Subject: Abiding love versus that which never stays. Can also have to do with vacuous, superficial people vs. people of substance.


J. Christine Cochran
© 1991 Oh Brother Songs, ASCAP

There were some running around everyday
Nothing to think about - nothing to say
Some were so scattered - nothing could be found
A disturbance of air - but no one was around

They were just looking to jump off some lovers’ leap
You on the other hand
You run deep
You run deep

We hear them talk of things in the past
I look ahead and want something to last
There are other worlds that I dream of
Wish one would take me – and I’d rise above

And prima donnas dream of diamond rings
But rarely do they sleep
You on the other hand
You run deep
You run deep

You water the roots of my soul
Tour the very heart of me
Always something to dream about
Always pleasant to see
When others were swept aside
And others did not stay
You were always by my side
Always had magic to say

Sinbad sails and Pegasus flies
Some things I never want to question why
Santa Claus he never wore a ring in his nose
St. Francis did he ever Vogue or Pose?

Maybe there is nothing here that I can keep
You on the other hand
You run deep
You run deep

There are stars that slowly change
Tumbleweeds flow out on the mountain range
Survey the horizon - all the world’s a stage
Reach inside get rid of silent rage

And I was just looking
For Someone I’ll Never Meet
You on the other hand
You run deep
You run deep