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Ought to be easier when boy meets girl! <P>

I write few autobiographical songs, but this one is the truest.


J. Christine Cochran
© 2004 Oh Brother Songs, ASCAP

Carved your initials and a heart
In a pink ’54 Coupe de Ville
And I carved em pretty close to the door
In the dead of winter at the Cadillac Ranch
But your love got buried—most unfortunate avalanche

I floated down the river I floated to the shore
Saw the true meaning of this life and still I asked for more
And everything is simple (here) and everything is good
So why do I remember the way that you stood?

It was Halloween 2000 and three
Thought you’d snake in and impress me
And you tied the skulls around my wrist
You said “God you’re beautiful” then we kissed

But by New Years I knew it was lost
You wanted some fantasy but I aint nobody’s boss
Tried not to judge your different ways
My friends thought I’s crazy n’ said you’s dead insane

I lie on the trampoline watching fireworks blast
And I think how |elusive||ridiculous| is the past
Think about the night your myth got debunked
Thought you were a fine, fine sparkler
No, no, you were just a punk

Single file answer in a double Dutch world
Ought a be easier when boy meets girl
Single file answer it’s never good
I become undone remembering the way you stood

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